What I Do I am known all over the world as Brother NorthStar aka "The Medicine Walker." Simply means that I am a brother who still follow the North Star to Freedom because humanity nor our planet is free. I work as a meta-physician: a disciple of Nature. And I have been so since 1957, at the age of 5 years old, when I first learn the lyrics to the song, "Twinkle,Twinkle Little Star." And my star has been twinkling ever since. Since 1993, I have been on a mission called, "1 People 1 Earth" (OPOE): Working for the Liberation of Humanity and the Planet Earth. This is a non sectarian way of saying I work for Heaven on Earth. Like the Creator and Sustainer of all life on our planet - We believe "All Life is Sacred." My duties include researching, studying and practicing the meta-physical sciences that will not only accelerate my personal evolution, but will also assist in the accelerating the evolution of our planet. My research includes world traveling, anthropology, geography, physics, metaphysics, chemistry, biochemistry, anatomy, physiology, astrology, detoxification, and iridology, botanicals, circadian rhythms ( the cycles of creation and how it applies to our biological cycles); and the practicing of intermittent fasting. This OPOE mission call for a great deal of inward/astral travel as well as planetary traveling to key vortices (chakras) of our earth. Why? To activate the magnetic frequencies of some of these places that lie dormant on our planet. To assist all those Sun's that stand in alignment for sending us surges of magnetic energy to heal our planet. Many will consider this healing magnetic energy the coming of Christ consciousness, Krishna consciousness or Buddha Consciousness or Jesus himself. But from my metaphysical purview, all the above is true. The Hopi Elders said it best, "We Are The Ones We've Been Waiting For." Since it is “us” that is coming for “us”. This magnetic energy will come and restore the magnetic balance that will help to reverse these clandestine attacks of electrical radiation, GMO's, chemtrails, vaccinations, inoculations, drugs etc. It would clean up and restore health to our bodies, and clean up all the contamination and radiation out of our earth, air and water. This OPOE mission is a Sojourn for Truth. What exactly is the Truth? This federation of Sun systems that are in alignment to send us this Magnetic frequency (Consciousness if you prefer) because it is the regenerating solution to all our problems. It is the truth of who we are are as Souls (Solar Beings) and as a planet where our planet (also a Solar Being) belongs to sustain life and join the heavens and become a Sun. And anything short of that is anti-life by the anti-Christ. T

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Brother Northstar (BNS) is a missionary. His mission and life work is a continuation of the work of his heroes and sheroes: Harriet Tubman, Fredrick Douglas and Sojourner Truth. And all those who escaped the slave plantation and used the North Star to navigate their way to freedom. Born GregoryDean Smith, graduated from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, with a B.A, in African-American Studies. History gave him his world view to see today's economic system is an illusion of freedom that has humanity subjected to a modern day slavery. Since he is known as the "brother" who took the journey to continue to follow that star to freedom. He is called, BNS. It is not a name, it is a journey. He has not worked a job since 1997 to pursue his mission.
BNS walked (not run) off the modern day plantation (the matrix where "Time is Money,") and successfully lives his life practicing the art of living, loving, laughing to co-create Heaven on Earth, His mission is called 1 People, 1 Earth (OPOE): a non-sectarian way of saying he works for Heaven on Earth. A adventurous journey where he perceives mother earth as his home and humanity as his family.  His Sojourn to live Truth has given him the audacity to pursue his mission without the benefits of health insurance, retirement or social security and he doesn't accept any form of Governmental assistance. 

BNS does not beg, borrow, steal, manipulate,or solicit donation. He is a devotee of the "Laws of Attraction." where faith is his currency and trust is his passport.  Since 1997, his odysssey of faith has taken him around the world twice through 59 countries and 6 continents. And since he has successfully lived his "Truth" with effortless ease, for the past 22 years, he considers himself to be one of many modern day Sojourner Truth or abolitionist walking the earth today. 

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